måndag 26 juli 2010


But where did the warm and sunny weather go?!!

The bedroom project isn't done yet, it is paused untill I get back in two weeks (or sooner if the weather doesn't get better :P ). Now it is starting to look like bedrooms and it is sooo funny to decorate them! I love my job!

Have a nice day!

onsdag 21 juli 2010

Office on wheels!

I bumpt into this article at Interiornews.com  and saw this hilarious thing! It is easy to move and the user can put it together the way he/she likes. How do peaple come up with smart (maybe perhaps not something I would like in my home) things like theese? 

Design by Tim Vinke.

tisdag 20 juli 2010

Things are happening!!

Sista veckan innan semester är det jobb jobb jobb! 
Det händer massor på sovrumsprojektet och vi ska försöka hinna klart så mycket som möjligt. Medan det har monterats och av emballerats sängar och garderober bland annat, har jag bråkat med allt skräp. Helt sjukt mycket kartong det blir! Och min kära kollega har suttit i kassan och njutit av att se mig kånka förbi i blindo fram och tillbaka halva dagen, glad att hon själv slapp.. jag orkade inte annat än skratta med, måste ha sett aningens roligt ut.. Dock helt underbart att se hur det växer fram och jag kan börja plocka fram vilka lampor, mattor, tavlor, sängkläder ja allt som ska fullborda projektet! 

Last week before vacation it is work work work!
There is a lot to do at this bedroomproject and we want to get so much as possible done so today while my colleauges has putting together the furnitures I have been fighting with all the trash. It's crazy how much carton it gets! My dear colleauge behind the cash desk has been enjoyed seeing me carrying in blind all the carton half the day.. I was too tired to not laugh with her, it must have seen a little bit funny... Anyway it's lovely to see how everything is coming together and I can start pick out what lamps, carpets, paintings, bedclothes.. well everything for the final finish! 

I love this armchair in this fabric!
Möblerna här är från Englesson. Det blir två rum med madrasser och möbler från dem! 
The furnitures here are from Englesson. It's going to be two rooms with mattresses and furnitures from them!

torsdag 15 juli 2010


Har ni sett så stor?!  
(Jag har väldigt små händer också)

Have you seen one this big?! 
(I have really small hands too)


onsdag 14 juli 2010

Other plans... better plans?

Yesterday I had my day off and I was going to spend it on the beach with my dear friend N, that was the plan. But from nowhere it started raining and all the weather reports earlier had sad it was going to be a very warm and sunny day. With good spirits in the hope that the sun would shine on us eventually we walked down town to see what the big summer sale had to offer instead.. And it offered something indeed..

The Store has a big sell out, 70%!!!  All you shopping girls in Umeå, go and get crazy!!

But not to forget, H&M had a lot of nice things too :) 

Coco Chanel in my heart. Actually hated this kind of jackets when I was younger -- 'for old ladies only' -- but now it has wrapped itself around my heart and it is just love when I see it! One day I may get a real one?
Jacket from H&M, shoes from Skopunkten.

You see this everywhere now days and I wasn't so fond of the design untill I saw this one. It has a nice navy theme, which my little fashionheart beats for of course!
(Not on sale.. H&M)

When it's cheap it's cheap and I don't dare to show you all I bought, haha!

We ended the shopping day with a lovely dinner at the balcony in the sunset, both very happy the weather changed our plans.. Life is good, enjoy! 

måndag 12 juli 2010


Hard to resist.. :)

torsdag 8 juli 2010

Tapetsera mera!

Nu har det hänt en del på sovrumsfronten och jag har haft fullt upp med både arbete och massa roligt sommar göra att jag inte hunnit uppdatera, men se ni här kommer det en lite glimt på de nu målade och tapetserade väggarna.. Hoppas bara nu snickarna orkar masa sig dit och fixa klart golven.. 

It has happened a lot at the bedroom project now, the wall paper is up an all painting is done, now we're waiting for the floors to be finished! 

Sommer love to you all!